As alumni, we look back at our Burke experiences that helped shape who’ve we become today – our friends, our teachers, our activities. Together, we all have great school pride. Together, we can help future generations have memorable experiences and the same Burke pride.

Cheering from the stands, marching or running on the field, jumping in the sandpits and racing around the track, whether you’re a 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation member of the Burke family, the stadium holds a lot of memories of our time spent there as athletes, musicians, performers and spectators.


Richard and Karen King lead their family with a Burke legacy spanning over 40 years, two generations and 12 family members. Their children: Debi (1979 grad and current English teacher), Rick (1981) and Rob (1988) continue the family tradition. Together, they have invested numerous volunteer hours by serving as the journalism sponsor, yearbook sponsor, Senior Senate sponsor, running the football scoreboard, providing ACT prep, serving as PTO President and co-chairs Burke Bash for the past 3 years. King Insurance, founded by Richard with Rick as the current President, has also been a Burke Bash corporate sponsor over the years.

Join the Kings and the Burke Family of Champions to help create memories for future Burke Bulldogs!


Now it’s time to give the stadium our support, as alumni, so it can continue to create memories for many more generations to come.

Thanks to the generosity of Burke alumni and sisters, Amy Scott, Karen Dixon (Scott) and Sandy Parker (Scott), a Burke alumni challenge has been created to support the Stadium Renovation Project.

BY OCTOBER 31, 2019,

1. Raise $600,000

2. Recruit 100 new Alumni donors

$300,000 WILL BE MATCHED by the Scott sisters for the Stadium Renovation Project

To learn more about the Project and Donate go to:

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