Within McMillan, there exists a truly extraordinary group of students. United by their passion for numbers and problem-solving, these young mathematicians have come together as the 22-23 McMillan Math Team. This talented team had spent countless hours this year, pouring their hearts into creating a vibrant mathematical community. Through sheer determination, they hosted and competed in multiple math competitions, demonstrating their prowess and inspiring their peers to embrace the joys of mathematics.

The McMillan Math Team’s accomplishments extend beyond academics; they have fostered an atmosphere of camaraderie, support, and mutual respect. These young mathematicians have become role models in the community, exemplifying the values of hard work, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge. Their incredible journey deserves to be celebrated.

As a reward for their outstanding achievements and commitment, we are raising funds for a field trip. We’re planning an adventure that will serve as a fitting celebration, allowing the team to unwind, bond, and create lasting memories.

Your donations to our fundraiser are much appreciated.


Benjamin Carder
8th Grade Math
McMillan Middle School

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